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Personal information

Personal information is any information that pertains to the identified person, or a person that can be directly or indirectly identified (e.g. first and last name, address, telephone number, E-mail address etc.) based on the identification number or one or more characteristics specific to her physical, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Reason for collecting

We collect personal data to enhance the quality, functionality and the service of tekstilpromet.hr to satisfy interests and needs of our visitors, as well as existing and potential clients. We collect private data to inform our visitors about the existing and new content and services on tekstilpromet.hr. The reason for data collecting is to familiarize all interested parties with our products and services, performed by companies incorporated in the Tekstilpromet group (Tekstilpromet PLC, Lauris moda LLC, Galeb PLC, ProSport98 LLC).

Data processing

Access to the website tekstilpromet.hr is free and no registration is necessary. Personal data is given voluntarily. We process only the personal data needed to enable a certain activity on the web page. Tekstilpromet has a right to keep contact form data in the duration of one year.

You can opt out of the newsletter mailing list, or any other promotional activity, at any moment, by sending a notice to the following E-mail: zastita.podataka@tekstilpromet.hr, or by calling the following number: +385 (0)1/2700-297.

Personal data that we process will not be visible to the other users of tekstilpromet.hr website, including the data entered in the contact form. By entering your data in the contact form or newsletter subscription box you give explicit consent for your data to be processed with the cause and the manner provided by our Privacy Policy, posted on the tekstilpromet.hr website.

Gathering and use of your personal data

Tekstilpromet PLC respects your privacy and processes your data fairly and legally.

Your consent

Your personal data is processed only with your consent - freely given and explicitly acknowledged that the data given by filling out the contact form and by using the website will be processed according to the rules covered in our Privacy Policy. Your consent will be required while filling out the corresponding form, available on the tekstilpromet.hr website.

Withdrawal of consent

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal process will be as simple as the process of giving consent.

Personal data processing

Gathered personal data is saved in electronic form. For protection of data we employ the suitable technical, organizational and HR measures, as well as procedures, ensuring the data collected can not be accessed without authorization and to make sure they are used solely according to the cause for processing.

Polls and questionnaires

We occasionally prepare polls, researches, questionnaires and similar methods for data gathering on our website. Data gathered in this manner is considered confidential and used solely for the needs of Tekstilpromet PLC. The aggregate results of such activities can be used in PR purposes and shared with you on the tekstilpromet.hr website.

Messages in electronic form

When you send us an E-mail with your personal data that makes it possible to identify you, regardless if the E-mail contains a question or a comment, we shall use this data solely to fulfill your request. If required, your E-mail will be forwarded to the third party, other employees of Tekstilpromet PLC.

Erasing and your access to personal data

Saving personal data.

Your personal data made available when you fill out the contact form will be kept during the existence of tekstilpromet.hr website. After that period, your personal data will be erased, except in the case you give us the consent to keep it.

Your access to the data

You have the right to demand that your personal data be erased at any moment. You have the right to demand to know at any time the content of your personal data that is kept in our collection of registered users personal data, as well as ask us to change or erase some or all of such kept personal data. You can do this by sending a notice to: zastita.podataka@tekstilpromet.hr. If you make such a request, we shall take reasonable measures to verify your identity and stop unauthorized personal data processing.

Other person's data

Depending on the content and functionality that you use, we can ask you to give us certain personal data about other person, to make this functionality possible (for instance, first and last name of the person that completes the shopping reservation in your name). Such personal data will not be processed above the level necessary for proper operation of the functionality you are using. We shall not give such personal information to the third parties, except if required by law. Personal data that you provide in this manner shall be erased as soon as the required functionality is achieved.

Giving personal data to other parties

We shall not give your personal data to other parties except in the case you authorize us to do so. When this is necessary to achieve a certain functionality, content or service of the tekstilpromet.hr website, we shall regard your consent as consent to give your personal data to the connected companies necessary to achieve the functionality in question. In such case, we shall make sure that our connected companies process your data in the manner proscribed by this Privacy Policy, posted on tekstilpromet.hr website.

Privacy Policy for personal data of other web pages/third persons third parties

On the tekstilpropmet.hr website you will find hyper-links to other websites or portals. Privacy Policy for personal data on such portals can be different than those on tekstilpromet.hr. As well, tekstilpromet.hr website sometimes offers sweepstakes, promotional activities for products and services organized by Tekstilpromet PLC or advertisers and business partners. Such third parties can ask you for personal data and consent for their own requirements. In such case, when you give your personal data directly to third parties or on the web-pages of other portals, our Privacy Policy rules do not apply.

On our website we could offer features of social networks that allow the sharing of personal data on the social networks. We recommend you get to know the Privacy Policy rules that apply to the pages of other portals or social networks - in other words, to the third parties.

Limited liability

Even though we take all available technical, organizational and HR measures to protect personal data from accidental or voluntary misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized change or access, we can not guarantee that some of the personal data we collect will never be accidentally revealed, contrary to this Privacy Policy.

We exclude liability for the damages to the users or third parties by accidental reveal of the personal data to the maximum extent permitted by law.

As we have no control over personal data you give by accessing or using other portals, or third parties directly (e.g. by participating in promotional activities), we exclude the liability for damages caused to you or third parties by delivery of data in this manner, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Server statistics

Our global network server uses statistical software. Such software is a standard for all web servers and are not specific to tekstilpromet.hr. Such statistical software allows us to determine which data is most/least interesting to our visitors. Such software is necessary for the effectiveness of our web-site structure and to measure visitor numbers for the web-site.

Data safety

For the safety of data on the tekstilpromet.hr website, as well as to ensure that the content, functionality and services of the tekstilpromet.hr website are available to all users, this computer system uses programs that track visits to the network and recognizes unauthorized attempts to send or change data, as well as those that could be harmful in any way.

Unauthorized attempts to send or change data on the tekstilpromet.hr website are strictly forbidden.


We retain the right to use cookies on tekstilpromet.hr web-site. Find out more about cookies at https://ec.europa.eu/info/cookies_hr.

Purpose of cookies

Tekstilpromet.hr website tracks statistics of page visits exclusively to get necessary information about the attractiveness and success of its web pages. For this we use third party software called Google Analytics. Detailed third party information about this service, as well as the possibilities for users to regulate the necessary cookie settings are available at: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html.

To give you a better user experience, to plan our future marketing campaigns more efficiently, and to release content that corresponds with your interests, we use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting tool. It gathers the data about sex, age and interests of our users.

Forbidding cookies

You are authorized to forbid the acceptance of cookies from tekstilpromet.hr website. Do this by clicking on the Tools/Options button in the menu and choosing the required option.

Privacy Policy for children on tekstilpromet.hr website

Direct communication with children over the Internet led us to realize the unique problems that attempts to protect their data present. Our website, which could possibly attract children because of the offer of clothes, and could gather the data of persons under 14 years of age, is designed with the purpose to ensure the highest possible level security for the rights of children and their privacy. In line with this purpose and effort, we:

Do not organize promotional activities focused at children and do not gather the data about children (persons of under 18 years of age), except the statistical data about the user behavior.

We encourage parents or legal guardians to take an active role in this matter. You can always ask to see all the data gathered about your child if it was collected by the child accidentally filling out the contact form. In this case you can demand the data to be erased (if such data is still in our collection of personal data), and/or forbid us from future processing of the data about your child by sending us a notice to the following E-mail: zastita.podataka@tekstilpromet.hr, or by calling this number: 01/2700-297.


You can at any time ask for an overview of all personal data that we have received from you. We can, upon your request, update, change or erase the data (if the data in question is still in our collection of personal data) or cease using your data in the future.


We do everything in our power to ensure all redirections from our website lead you or your child to the pages with quality content (in the sense that it does not entice negativity). That said, websites and addresses change quickly on the Internet and we can not always guarantee for the content of every web address we link to.

If you have any questions or suspicions about tekstilpromet.hr Privacy Policy or about your experiences with this web address, please let us know at: zastita.podataka@tekstilpromet.hr

Changes and the discontinuation of Privacy Policy on tekstilpromet.hr website

Tekstilpromet PLC retains the right to change or discontinue all or any part of this website and Privacy Policy rules for tekstilpromet.hr website at any time. The changes will become active when published at this web address or when the users are notified about the change. The rules of Privacy Policy are applied until their termination by you or Tekstilpromet PLC. Termination by you, possible at any time, means the immediate discontinuation of use of this website and the cancellation of all the materials and content downloaded or used from the website.

Data processing manager:

Tekstilpromet d.d., Ulica grada Gospića 1/A, Zagreb, OIB: 16529207670e-mail: zastita.podataka@tekstilpromet.hr