About us

Threads that bind us

Dedication - We strive for the highest quality
Connection - of all the parts in a whole
Responsibility - Care for the welfare of the community


Mission and vision

Highest standards of quality, accessibility, and style.

We expand and shape our offer to the wishes of a modern customer. Our belief is that you deserve quality and true value for money and strive to always offer them to you.

A lot of effort and love shaped us into what we are today. After almost seventy years, our work continues with the same passion. We wish to reward your trust by always offering at least a little bit more than you expect.


The largest Croatian and regional textile distributor


For seven decades we try to adapt and improve with each day, just as your life continues to change and reshape itself. That which never changes is the comfort, quality, and beauty of each clothing item in our offer.

We firmly believe that you deserve the best. We make a special effort so that in our stores you always find exactly what you are looking for, regardless of age, sex, and personal style.

Brands in our portfolio have the perfect value vs price ratio. This means you will always get more for your money. We want you to always leave our stores with a smile on your face, and a firm desire to return.



What our clothes say about us


Clothing shows one's worldviews, one's stances and beliefs. One's philosophy, passion, and skills. Our main goal from the very beginning was to create an offer in which you will easily discover a perfect piece just for yourself. Your own signature look.

In our stores, you will find many world-renowned brands, such as SKINY, camel active, Gerry Weber, Basler, Betty Barclay, Taifun, Tosca Blu, Triumph, and Navigare.

We encourage quality Croatian clothes manufacturing. One such is Galeb from Omiš, beloved by customers of all age groups.

Did you know?

Icy peaks. Scorching desert. Wild rapids. camel always looks at the wilderness for inspiration. Always trendy and always with an open mind. Just like all who choose this legendary brand.