Gerry Weber

Gerry Weber

Gerry Weber designs formal clothes for a businesswoman that values comfort, and at the same time desires to be trendy. It is made of high-quality materials and rich in details.

Gerry Weber is an ideal choice for all who love and truly enjoy fashion. A wide range of designs makes it easy for every woman to find a perfect fit and make her feel confident in any occasion.

Traits of the Gerry Weber woman are humour, intelligence, and an insatiable desire to enjoy life.


RANGE: Ready to Wear


Taifun is a brand made for women that know what they want - in their life and inside their wardrobe. Feminine designs, combined with high-quality fabrics are a match made in heaven when you wish to show your personal style but stay in touch with modern trends.

Find a perfect dress for a summer celebration, choose the best fitting pair of jeans or an elegant outfit for a business meeting in the Taifun collection.

Taifun will be the secret weapon hidden in your closet. Look perfect, wherever you are.


RANGE: Ready to Wear


With styles for any occasion, designed to flatter your figure and enhance your attributes while hiding any weakness, Samoon is a favourite choice of women everywhere.

Samoon offers exquisite design, quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship. Made for fuller figure women who wish to be perfectly dressed for any occasion.

Gerry Weber has been a part of Tekstilpromet network for over 15 years. Find it in mono-brand stores as well as our CENTRA and Moderato retail chains.


RANGE: Modern collection for fuller figure women


E-mail: gerryweber@tekstilpromet.hr

Visit us at

  1. Ilica 36, Zagreb | (385) 1 4833-851
  2. City Centar West, Zagreb | (385) 1 3878-469
  3. Ul. Sergijevaca 23, Pula | (385) 52 223-514
  4. City Centar One, Split | (385) 21 491-230
  5. [Corner] CENTRA, Ilica 44, Zagreb | (385) 1 4847-465
  6. [Corner] CENTRA, Trg žrtava fašizma 2, Zagreb | (385) 1 4573-967
  7. [Corner] CENTRA, Dubrava 45, Zagreb | (385) 1 2961-237
  8. [Corner] CENTRA, Slavka Kolara 6, Velika Gorica |
  9. [Corner] CENTRA, Trg Milana Šufflaya bb, Karlovac | (385) 47 614-747
  10. [Corner] CENTRA, Trg slobode 3, Osijek | (385) 31 211-773
  11. [Corner] CENTRA, Koblerov trg 1, Rijeka | (385) 51 321-976
  12. [Corner] CENTRA, Ul. Sergijevaca 39, Pula | (385) 52 215-511
  13. [Corner] CENTRA, Trg Gaje Bulata 5, Split | (385) 21 342-759
  14. [Corner] CENTRA, Ul. A. G. Matoša 10, Solin | (385) 21 263-575
  15. [Corner] CENTRA, Nikole Tesle 2, Dubrovnik | (385) 20 358-730

Did you know?

Jockey brand evolved from a small factory that manufactured quality socks for lumberjacks in Michigan in 1876.