Betty Barclay

The Betty Barclay group was founded in 1938. Today it features popular brands such as Betty & Co, Cartoon, Gil Bret, Saint Jacques, Amber & June, Vera Mont, VM by Vera Mont, Robe Légère, and Public.

The main brand, Betty Barclay, has a 60% market share, with stores in 69 countries. A wide range of clothes and accessories on offer caters exclusively to the female audience.

Betty Barclay is one of the most beloved women's fashion brands, proven by the immense social media buzz preceding the arrival of each new collection. The brand is synonymous with fashion excellence, high standards, zeitgeist, and sophistication.

Tekstilpromet opened its first Betty Barclay mono-shop in the heart of Zagreb in 2017. Find it in our CENTRA and Moderato stores as well.


RANGE: Outerwear

Visit us at

  1. Ilica 13, Zagreb | (385) 1 4833-475 | 09:00-21:00

Did you know?

Nike paid 35 US dollars for a logo design to Carolyn Davidson - an art student. Today, the Swoosh has an estimated value of US26 billion.