Corporative clothes


  • Men's suits
  • Men's shirts
  • Women's suits (jackets, pants, skirts)
  • Women's blouses
  • Ties, scarves, leatherwear

Our offer of official and corporative clothes is recognizable for its top of the line design, adjusted to specific needs of each client. We successfully combine business elegance with a unique fashion expression.

For the clothing line, we use only the highest quality fabrics made by renowned and tried European manufacturers. Design and fabrics are tailored to your needs and visual style suited to the requirements of your workplace.

Arrange a visit by our tailors, so that suits for your employees can be made to measure.

Short manufacturing and delivery times, as well as the use of quality materials to the highest Croatian standard, will ensure the best cost-benefit ratio for your order.

Our corporative clothes partners are:

  • Privredna Banka d.d., Zagreb
  • Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d., Zagreb

Did you know?

Competitiveness of the two founding brothers, Adolph and Rudolph Dassler produced a rivalry that lasted for 60 years. In the end, the conflict led to the birth of two legendary companies - Puma and adidas.