The idea is not to push the boundaries or to create new trends. Brandtex aims simply to create clothes that are exciting, sophisticated, and fit every woman perfectly.

More than 80 years of experience and relentless focus on quality and design made Brandtex one of the most successful Danish brands. Their offer can be found in more than 2500 stores worldwide which include CENTRA stores as well.

Brandtex strives to make every woman feel excellent in their clothes. With a large selection of colours, designs, and sizes, it is so easy to create your perfect fashion combination.


RANGE: Ready to Wear

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Did you know?

'Show you're Jockey' campaign is a modern re-imagining of the 'notorious' Jockey ad campaign from the nineties. Back then, the models posed with their pants lowered to their ankles, proudly displaying Jockey underwear.