The story of adidas is reminiscent of the biblical story of Cain and Abel. The competitive spirit of the two founding brothers, Adolph and Rudolph Dassler led to a bitter rivalry that lasted for 60 years.

The dispute divided the family, as well as the whole community into two rival factions. In the end, it produced two legendary companies - Puma and adidas.

A global super-brand, with an offer of more than 9000 million items per year is a perfect choice for anyone that loves sports. From enthusiasts to the superstars. The popular Originals line transfers that same fervour to the urban setting, proving that sports fashion does not need to be confined to the locker room.

adidas mission is to make us faster, stronger, and wiser. To help us achieve results that we aim for, on the sports ground or anywhere else.

Women, Men, Kids

RANGE: Sports shoes and apparel

Did you know?

Tosca Blu was named after Giacomo Ronzoni - the owner's daughter.