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Founded in 1949, Tekstilpromet started its way to success as a company for textile wholesale and clothes distribution.

During the years that followed, Tekstilpromet has become, due to management's vision and employees' devotion, respected company with strong and stable position on the market.

Early beginning of development is connected to the acquisition of the Zagrebački magazin after which the company started building business facilities whose capacities made the expansion of offer in wholesale and the development of retail trade possible during the seventies.

Over the years that followed, growth and development continued with the same pace so that in 1982 Tekstilpromet had over 17.000 m2 available for wholesale and over 2.500 m2 for retail trade.

At the beginning of the 90's, Tekstilpromet was registered as joint stock company after successful privatization and sale of stocks to employees. Today, Tekstilpromet is a business system composed of several companies involved in production, wholesale, distribution and retail trade of textile products.

Further integration resulted with taking over companies Standard konfekcija and Robni magazin from Zagreb, Galeb from Omiš, and Grateks from Sarajevo. Later on Standard konfekcija and Robni magazin merged into Lantea Grupa which operated as the biggest retail trade chain of textile products in the region until 2014. when it became the part of Tekstilpromet Inc..

In our wholesale activities we made a step forward by entering the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Tekstilpromet in Čitluk (and later on based in Mostar), and we are opening a wholesale center in Split.

Very important member of business system is also ProSport98 Zagreb, leading company in distribution and trade of sports product lines such as adidas, Nike, Fila and Diadora.




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Tekstilpromet employs 280 people, and the whole group more than 1.600 people.
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