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About us

Fashion awareness today is present in all aspects of our lives, ranging from cars that we drive, films, music and literature that we like and food that we eat. Clothes which we wear and the way we decorate our working and living spaces show a part of our character and personal attitudes.

Our primary activity is wholesale and retail trade of textile products. More than 60 years Tekstilpromet has been growing and developing following the pace of time, at the same time supplying the market with quality products, thus creating fashion trends and needs.

Tekstilpromet is the leading company in the region in trade and distribution of clothes, home textile, textile production materials and gear with clear vision for further growth and development.

Development cycles without sudden leaps, serious and professional work, expertise and employees' devotion together with management stability are elements that make the basis of our business philosophy.




    Did you know!
Tekstilpromet was established in 1949.
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