Retail trade

Lantea Grupa Inc.

Retail trade

Expansion and development of our own retail network has been an imperative of Tekstilpromet since mid nineties. Having realised just how important it is to become a market leader in retail sale, Tekstilpromet has turned itself to acquisition of leading textile retailers. In mid nineties Tekstilpromet acquires Standard konfekcija Inc. and Robni magazin Inc, two leading textile retailers in Croatia, and in 2002. Grateks Ltd., the textile retailer with 9 shops based in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2001. Standard konfekcija and Robni magazin have been merged in company named Lantea Inc.

Lantea Grupa opetared as the leading textile retailer in Croatia with 173 shops country-wide until 2014. when it became the part of Tekstilpromet inc.

Significant segment of our retail trade is the performance of ProSport98, leading retailer of sports clothes and equipment in Croatia. Prosport98 manages its own specialised shops under the name of Top Sport as well as shops of internationally known brands adidas, Nike and Fila.



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