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FM - Fashion for man


Camel active



Today Tekstilpromet Inc. as a leading retail textile distributor bears exclusive rights to sell and distribute significant regional and world brands although in the same time we are dedicated to developing our own brands which have already found their place on the shelves of many stores as in the consumer world due to extremely favorable prices in reference to quality.

Domo (home textile), Modina (ladie’s clothes, knitwear, ladie’s underwear, sleeping production lines and socks), FM - Fashion for man (men’s clothes, knitwear, men’s underwear, sleeping production lines and socks) and Filmar (children’s clothing and accessories) are all brands designed under professional guidance of Product Design and Development Department of Tekstilpromet Inc.

Significant part of our brand portfolio constitutes exclusive rights of distribution of brands Camel active and Navigare, which have through consecutive years been present on the Croatian market and markets of other European countries and surely have become a part of your wardrobe.




    Did you know!
The first synthetic materials were made in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Camel Active Navigare