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Underwear, socks, sleeping and swimming production lines

Children’s clothing, equipment and toys

Children´s clothing, equipment and toys

Product portfolio:

- clothing and accessories for newborns and babies
- children’s apparel and knitwear for ages 2-14
- sleepwear program, underwear, socks, and swimwear program for ages 0-14
- children’s bedding, blankets, and other furnishings for baby cribs
- baby caps, hats, scarves, and gloves
- cribs, baby carriages, walkers, pushchairs, and other children accessories
- a large choice of toys for all age groups
- children sports program (roller blades, soccer, basketball, and handball balls, tricycles, table tennis and badminton sets)

In a selection of over 5.000 different products, we have numerous creative and practical models for children of all ages - from newborns to teenagers. An exceptionally rich selection for every age group includes clothing for every occasion – from everyday wear and sportswear to more formal occasions (baptism, communion, confirmation).
More than 60 local (Galeb, MTČ, Vuteks), and foreign suppliers amongst which we highlight licenced brands (Disney, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Cars, Smurfs, Ben10 and others), Blue Seven, Melby, Campagnolo, Teidem that regularly provide us with their products and render our selection exceptional.

Our own brand Filmar in the section of baby and children’s leisure clothing articles, underwear, and sleeping program, as in the program of various types of baby carriages, baby carriers, and car seats will surprise many with their price and design.

With products from our selection we regularly supply over 550 customers.


Supply manager:
Arijana Medar
T: 00385 1 2700 763
F: 00385 1 2700 702
E: arijana.medar@tekstilpromet.hr

Sales Manager:
Marijana Jelavić
P: 00385 1 2700 290
F: 00385 1 2700 201
E: marijana.jelavic@tekstilpromet.hr



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Tekstilpromet cooperates with more than 300 domestic and foreign manufacturers.
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