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Underwear, socks, sleeping and swimming production lines

Children’s clothing, equipment and toys

Underwear, socks, sleeping and swimming production lines

Product portfolio:

- ladie's and men’s underwear
- ladie's and men’s sleeping production lines
- ladie's and men’s socks
- swimming production lines

Our selection is composed of over 2.000 quality and modern products which are supplied by over 40 local and foreign suppliers.

Out of the underwear assortment, we especially highlight the entire selection of the most significant local underwear, knitwear and swimwear manufacturer Galeb, as in Pounje and MultiPletix in the segment of swimwear and finally TO-MA in the ladie's and men’s sock selection.

Great deal of our programme is oriented towards bras, corsets, and shape wear from brands Lisca, Mariemeilly from the distributor Hop lun as well as Bellisima special seamless underwear and swimwear programme. Moreover, we bear exclusive distribution rights in ladie's stockings, knee-high socks, and socks of brand Jolie Folie (Italy).

We set apart our own brands Modina, and FM - Fashion for man which hold significant position in the selection of underwear, sleepwear program, and socks selection.

More than 550 customers are regularly supplied with products from our selection.


Supply manager:
Martina Kozinc Iskra
T: 00385 1 2700 327
F: 00385 1 2700 337
E: martina.kozinc.iskra@tekstilpromet.hr

Sales Manager:
Marijana Jelavić
P: 00385 1 2700 290
F: 00385 1 2700 201
E: marijana.jelavic@tekstilpromet.hr



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