Business division 1

Home textiles



Business division 2

Women's fashion

Men´s fashion

Business division 3

Underwear, socks, sleeping and swimming production lines

Children’s clothing, equipment and toys

Women's fashion

Product portfolio:

- blouses and shirts
- pants, skirts, and dresses
- suit jackets and suits
- jackets, trench coats, coats, and overcoats
- cardigans and sweaters
- vests and turtlenecks
- short sleeve and long sleeve shirts
- t-shirts and polo shirts
- sweat-suits
- spinning yarn material for knitwear production
- textile and leather accessories

More than 30 local and foreign suppliers provide us with over 1.000 different models of quality women's clothing and accessories. We offer classic and modern models for buisness attire, small series of more formal models, clothing for relaxing moments as well as various textile and leather accessories.

In addition to Croatian manufacturers (Marija, Arena) and a large line of products from Italian, Austrian, and German suppliers, we wish to emphasis our exclusive right to sell products from German suppliers Clarina, In Linea, CPM Collection, Happy Rain and German manufacturer Gelco.

For customers looking for modern and quality models at favorable prices, our own brands Masego and Modina
We have established a successful partnership with over 400 customers.


Supply Manager:
Martina Kozinc Iskra
T: 00385 1 2700 327
F: 00385 1 2700 337
E: martina.kozinc.iskra@tekstilpromet.hr

Sales Manager:
Marijana Jelavić
P: 00385 1 2700 290
F: 00385 1 2700 201
E: marijana.jelavic@tekstilpromet.hr



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To prevent your clothes from getting creased wile travelling, roll your T-shirts up.
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