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Home textiles



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Women's fashion

Men´s fashion

Business division 3

Underwear, socks, sleeping and swimming production lines

Children’s clothing, equipment and toys

Home textiles

Product portfolio:

- bed linen
- table linen
- bathroom product lines
- carpets, and area rugs
- curtains and decor

Every moment the selections of bedding, tablecloth, and bathroom programs as well as the carpet and curtain programs, consists of over 2.000 various articles with different designs and prices which can completely satisfy even the most diverse needs and tastes.

Quality products are ensured by over 50 local and foreign distributors (Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Macedonia, Turkey, China and India) who with their already established brands as Odeja, Velana, Svilanit, Nese (Aquamat, Fantastik, Easy lace), Frotirka, Brilliant and Balta, take impressive positions on our market. Furthermore, with great pride we emphasize our exclusive right to sell Pierre Cardin blankets and towels.

Our vast and qualitative selection satisfies the entire needs of household textiles in the home, tourism, and hotel industry.

We would like to draw attention to our own brand Domo which holds an important place in our selection of quality low price textile products for the household.

We have established a successful partnership with over 760 customers.


Supply manager:
Nikolina Spilar Dujman
P: 00385 1 2700 450
F: 00385 1 2700 306
E: nikolina.spilar@tekstilpromet.hr

Sales manager:
Nikolina Ricov
T: 00385 1 2700 340
F: 00385 1 2700 306
E: nikolina.ricov@tekstilpromet.hr



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